About  Harris Varsakis

On the idyllic island of Skiathos in Greece, a galerie that can compete with Alladins cave can be found, in the old and original part of Skiathos Town, close to the waterfront. The galerie offers a mixture of exquisite greek ethnic antiques and handicrafts, and it has an extraordinairy collection of the best hand-made jewellery, varying from silver to 22 karat gold with precious stones. But, the most captivating in this miraculous galerie are the paintings, made by the owner, Harris Varsakis, himself. They tell a story, many stories actually, of himself and of the subject on the painting. The most specific characteristics are the materials he uses, the 3D effect he has accomplished by layering and the rich colors he applies.



Harris Varsakis was born in Athens, Greece and enjoyed drawing and painting from a very young age. In his teenage years he started travelling the Greek islands, searching for inspiration and adventure. On one of his trips he discovered Skiathos, and he fell for the mixture of green nature, couleurs locales and a quite bohemian still type of tourism. He decided to build a future there and he established his galerie in a beautiful old building righ behind the main church.


Καλάθι αγορών